eCommerce, Membership and Conversion…oh my!

Occasionally a client comes along with a website that is severely outdated and needs a huge overhaul.  And when they are 100% on board to roll with the results of the consultation, it’s quite rewarding to be able to put everything you’ve learned up until this point to use…even if it does take about 10 design revisions (which ultimately look like the initial design we presented).  But finally,  is to a point where it’s gaining traffic, increasing stickiness (how long a user stays on a site), and converting leads.

Their old website…which was built without any kind of content management system, call-to-action buttons or lead capture system, has been transformed into a website that not only allows users to sign up for membership or services in multiple ways, but has more organized information, is easy to manage on the back-end and–of course–is way better on the eyes.

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