Free Facebook Cover Template for the New Timeline View

Facebook finally unrolled the new timeline view for the mass public.  Some love it, some hate it, but in the end, you’ll learn to accept it because what else are you going to do?  Stop using Facebook?  Right….

Although the new Facebook may remind you of MySpace, the timeline is actually kinda brilliant and a cool way to look back on your life once you get used to it.  In addition, they’ve allowed for some slight customization of your profile page with their new “Cover Photos”.

For the cover photo, you can upload any larger sized photo and Facebook will crop it for you, but for those of you who want a little more control, you can size it to 850×315 to see exactly how it’s going to look.  OR…you can use the template below to see how it will look with your profile photo.  If you are a photoshop pro (or even a newbie) and want to get a little creative, I’ve included a photoshop version as well.

Download the Facebook Cover Template for Timeline View (JPG)

Download the Facebook Cover Template for Timeline View (PSD)

Not artsy, but want something snazzy?  Check out some of the Covers we’ve done here at creativeNicole:

Custom Designed Facebook Cover – Nicole Brors

Custom Designed Facebook Cover – Jim Marks

Custom Designed Facebook Cover – Bev Thorn

Custom Designed Facebook Cover – Greg Sexton

Custom Designed Facebook Cover – Dee Marie Fisher

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