Sneak Peak at the New Turn-Key Websites

Why create Turn-Key sites when our custom sites are sweet?  While our sites look great, sometimes the thought of putting together a custom website can be overwhelming for a small businesses.  It’s the law of supply and demand, and the demand is coming from small businesses who need something beautiful, cost-effective and quick…they always say you can’t have all three, but our aim is to prove “them” wrong.

You have a business, you have some info and you need to get a web presence…stat.  Wouldn’t it be great to see a handful of predesigned layouts with optimized pages and functionality for your business?  And then you could just choose the one that works best, insert some rockin’ graphics (that’s where we come in)  and walk away with a Web 2.0 site that’s designed to drive business and easy to update.   Our Small Business Solution and Turn-Key sites do just that.

They officially launch next month, but we are so giddy about these, we set up a few basic ones that will give you a little sneak peak before we finish all the bells and whistles.

Andretta’s Music Services

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