Why use WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System)?

When it comes to choosing the best platform for your website, you have a few options.  But these days, you can’t touch a mouse without running across a site built on the WordPress platform, which is what creativeNicole uses to build all of their websites.  But why do we use WordPress over the other platforms out there?  Well…it may have started as a place for bloggers, but with the help of a strong developer community worldwide, it has made its way to the front of the line.  Here are our top 3 reasons why we think it rocks, and you should too:


Back in the stone-age days of the first websites, you had to have a pretty solid understanding of HTML to make any kind of minor updates to websites (even just adding an image or editing text).  With the introduction of content management systems like WordPress, that is no longer the case.  While setting up a beautiful, custom site still takes a professional, once it’s set up, making updates is as simple as using Facebook.  Change the text on a page? Add a photo? Add pages?  Start blogging and juice up your SEO?  Yes…you can do that.  And if you get your WordPress site through creativeNicole, you will have a video tutorial to show you just how easy it is (but don’t worry, we’re always here if you have questions or need help along the way).


Social media integration? Check. Event manager? Check. eCommerce, membership, lead-conversion? Check, check, check.  There are tens of thousands of plugins available that can transform your WordPress site into a powerful tool…the possibilities are endless. The question is not what can plugins do for your WordPress site, it’s knowing how to use the best ones to accomplish your online goals.  At creativeNicole, we’ve done our homework, and we know exactly what to “plug-in” to your site for the best user experience possible.


Search Engine Optimization…it’s a hot topic these days.  There are thousands of books and articles and people who can help you get to the top. But even the best SEO specialist is limited if your site isn’t built on a solid infrastructure.  Between dynamic content integration (blogging), social media sharing capabilities, permalinks and SEO plugins available (We like All-in-one SEO Pack and Headspace2), you can be sure that your site is built on a solid SEO foundation which ensures your efforts won’t go unrewarded.

So if everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you?  Probably not. But if everyone else is heading to a beautiful tropical beach, instead of jumping off a bridge, it kinda sounds like a good idea.  Make WordPress be the tropical beach of websites.  If you have any questions about custom wordpress websites, feel free to contact us for a consultation.



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