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Truly “Mobile Websites” vs “Mobile Friendly” Websites

We get this question a lot.  Will my website be mobile-friendly?  Our answer here…of course.  In this age of growing mobile technology, people use their phone for more and more and surfing internet on phones or tablets is a new standard.  But that being said, there is a difference between being “mobile-friendly” and being a truly “mobile site.”

Mobile-Friendly Websites:

This simply means that your site works as it should on mobile devices.  Not using flash or any technology that wouldn’t work on a phone is a good practice and one that we follow here at creativeNicole.  Usually, if your site is mobile-friendly, your site looks and works exactly  like it does on the web, only smaller.  This is great news as you don’t have to  develop a separate site.  However, as users become more accustomed to having an app for everything, they also prefer when mobile sites look and feel more like an app, and less like a website.

Truly Mobile Websites:

Truly mobile websites are websites that are designed and created specifically for mobile devices. They automatically detect when someone is using a mobile device to access the site and direct them to the mobile version.  The mobile version is usually an extremely simplified version of your site with very little text that uses your basic branding, and maybe a few very simple graphics, but has mostly larger menus, buttons, and gets the user to where they need to go extremely fast.  The user won’t have to zoom in scroll at all.  They basically look and function very similar to an app…without the hefty price tag associated with app development.

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There is also a growing number of sites that are now using “responsive” designs, which automatically resize and move objects around according to what device they are being viewed on. These can be great as well…you just have to know your audience and what format is going to work for the type of information you are presenting.

We will always make our websites mobile-friendly, but if you can squeeze it in your budget (and you should), we would encourage you as well as our clients to think about opting for a responsive design or getting an actual mobile website, depending on your client-base and the type of content on your site.  Users take less than a second to decide if they are going to stay on your site or bounce to someone else’s, so why not give them the best user-experience possible?

Read more about our options for mobile websites or  get your mobile website now!