Branding & Marketing

Logos/Brand Identity

The foundation of any successful marketing strategy starts with a strong brand and a brand starts with a logo.  Your logo is the first step to conveying your business visually.  But the logo isn’t the only part of building your brand.  When you get a logo from creativeNicole, you not only get all of the native vector files (never buy a logo that doesn’t include the vector file), but you will get multiple versions for use on any background, in any medium and a branding sheet with your colors and fonts so you can be consistent moving forward with your brand.

To get your business started off on the right foot, why not get the full package?  Let creativeNicole put together an identity package including beautiful business cards, letterhead, envelopes and any other marketing collateral you need.

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Social Media Branding

If you’re not on board the social media train yet, then what are you waiting for?  Social media has revolutionized the way we use the internet and it’s not going away anytime soon.  The landscape of online marketing has changed and if you’re not involved, then you’re missing out on a huge piece of the puzzle.  creativeNicole contributed to building a social media program so we have a solid understanding of all of the major sites and specifications.  When your consumers connect with you online, make sure they are seeing the professional representation of you that they are expecting.

Check out all of the options for our social media design bundles and see examples here.  

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Email Template Design

If you are going to have any kind of email marketing plan, your emails should convey the same sense of professionalism as the rest of your marketing collateral.  Whether you are just looking for a header banner to spice up a simple email or looking to design a custom template and really ramp up your campaign, creativeNicole has experience with many of the top email marketing systems and can beautiful graphics for your emails that you can re-use over and over moving forward.

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Print Marketing Collateral

There’s a rumor that print media is dying.  That may be the case for many newspapers and magazines but there are creative ways that your print marketing can still make an impact.  creativeNicole uses marketing strategies such as QR codes and online incentives that tie your print marketing into your online presence to help you stay connected to your customers.  Not sure what all that means?  That’s why you have us.  Whatever your end goal is, let our creative professionals come up with a solution that will help you get there.

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