This is a question we get all too often which may seem simple…but when it comes to graphic design, website design or an online marketing strategy, every client is different and everything we do is custom-tailored to meet your business’ individual needs.

That being said, you are probably interested in at least a ballpark figure.  Before we get into that, we want you to know that we pride ourselves in understanding your business and finding the perfect custom-tailored solution to help maximize your online presence. Before any initial cost or scope of work is done, we talk to you to find out your needs and then present you with our recommendations.    We tend to cater to small to medium size businesses and have options for the lower end as well as the higher end and both come built on a content management system & backend training so you will have the ability to make updates down the line if you need to.

Overall, we are not the cheapest, but we are very competitive for what we offer.  You can probably find some  guy in his mom’s basement who will design something and throw a website together for pretty cheap, but he likely doesn’t have our experience, expertise, our reliability or our professionalism.

Our typical website falls into two types of categories:

Full Custom Websites: 

These are built from the ground up, just for you. They are for anyone who wants complete control of the look and feel and the ability to have as many custom designed pages as needed for their business.   You can read more our full custom website designs here.  Your investment on this type of site can range from $2,500 -$7,500, dependent on a lot of factors which we usually discuss on the initial phone call.

Turn Key Websites: 

These sites are based on beautiful and effective predesigned layouts and the colors, fonts, styles and graphics are all still completely customized.  These are for anyone who has a limited budget and/or timeline.  You can read more about our Turn Key solutions here.   These range between $1,000-$2,500

Both types of sites have the option of regular monthly maintenance charges (hosting, backups, malware scans, framework updates, etc) ranging between $25-$50/month.

Mobile Websites: 

Our mobile sites are usually built as add-ons to standard website packages, so the pricing is a little less if you have it built at the same time. Usually, these are in the range of +/- $500 but that price can go up depending on how big your site is and what kind of functionality it needs to have on mobile devices. We also offer responsive designs which means that your site will resize based on the browser that’s used (but won’t need a separate mobile site built), and in that case, the cost would be built into the initial scope of work.

For other services:

When it comes to graphic design services, most small jobs (flyers, business cards, banner ads, etc) are usually in the $200-$300 range but can vary depending on the complexity, how many initial designs are required, and how many revisions may be needed.  Logos can vary from $250-$500 and larger print projects completely depend on what is needed.

For our SEO and email marketing services, we devise a plan specifically for you which could be more or less work than our typical job, but they tend to range between $300-$600/month for each service.

If you’re looking at putting together any kind of package with multiple services, we can usually offer a deal on multiple services.  Obviously these are all very rough estimates, so please inquire with us for a free consultation and let us put together a custom package for you.